Newsome has been installing quality residential and commercial irrigation systems since 1984. Our company was built on irrigation and it continues to be our forte.

We follow every step of the installation process from estimate to walk-through, as well as service systems. We work with you and/or your landscaper to meet the needs of your landscape.

An irrigation system is only as good as the service it receives. As long as Newsome has been installing irrigation systems we also have been maintaining and servicing them.

Only the best

  • We hire only licensed and experienced technicians that are able to perform repairs on nearly all types and brands of irrigation systems.

Always prepared to get the job done

  • Our service trucks are stocked with almost all of the necessary equipment and tools to work on most every type of irrigation system.
  • Better by Choice, Chosen by the Best

At Newsome Sprinklers we strive for excellent customer service.  Being honest and fair with our customers is the only way we conduct business. We know we will one day give account for how we treat our customers and each other.


We analyze plant type, water pressure, water source, soil conditions, and other factors In order to increase the efficiency of your irrigation system. With water prices increasing and availability decreasing, a drop saved is a drop earned.


  • Premium design and installation with professional grade products
  • Systems designed using an irrigation CAD program
  • Exceeding the requirements set by TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality)
  • Licensed, fully insured, and trained personnel for your protection
  • Extensive warranty on parts and labor
  • No subcontractors 
  • CAD Techniques

    Our systems are designed using the latest CAD (computer drawing) techniques.

  • TCEQ approved

    Our drawings follow the requirements set by TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality).

  • Deliverables that give you peace of mind
    After your system is installed you will receive a drawing showing colored zones, mainline piping and valves, and all necessary components of the irrigation system. It will be laminated with a mini plan that you can keep at your controller for reference.
  • Optimal performance

We design systems using flow restrictions set by water pressure and flow rates to give you a system that will perform as it should to recommended manufacturers specs.

  • We consider every detail

We also take into account various other conditions in your landscape including slope, shade, plant type, and soil conditions, all of which have various effects on the design of an efficient system.

  • Detailed irrigation drawings

We take survey plans, landscape plans, and hand drawn sites and convert them into detailed irrigation drawings.

Contract service: maintenance

Why worry and hassle with one more thing in your life? Newsome offers a worry-free way to maintain your irrigation system.

  • Automatically schedule

With a Service Contract agreement we automatically schedule quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly checks of your system.

  • Appointment reminders

We will also remind you of your appointments throughout the year.

  • Clear, detailed reports

We include a report of your system and what was done with every check.