How does your home look at night? Does it present itself as warm, inviting and secure?

Nothing makes your yard and home look better at night than a professional-grade LED lighting system.

If your yard is being trenched up to install an irrigation system, why not at the same time have us install a professional grade LED lighting system?  If done at the same time, it will save you many dollars, and you will not have to have your yard retrenched to install wiring.

Even if you’re not having a sprinkler installed, we still can make your yard night-friendly. Call us for a free estimate on installations.

We install:

  • Photocell timers
  • Astronomical timers
  • Remote controls
  • Motion sensors if security is what you want.

We currently use

  • Kichler
  • Alliance
  • Vista
  • Cast

 Highlight your property and yourself

Landscape lighting highlights your rock work, trees, patios, and landscaping. Up-light your trees, down-light your patios. Prevent tripping down an unlit step by being able to see where your path is taking you. Show off that expensive rock work and wood trimming on your house. Let us create for you a superior night scenario to your property.