Install Your Christmas Lights – It’s Time!

Outdoor Christmas Lights & Decorating can be a fun time to make family memories, but it can also be dangerous.

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Safety Tips: make holiday lighting safe and beautiful


Getting Started

Use a strong ladder when installing your lights and be sure it is tall enough to reach the lights without going above the safest step. Usually keeping 2 steps below the top step. Secure Christmas lights with insulated holders (don’t use tacks or nails). Before hanging your Christmas lights, plug them in and be sure all of your bulbs are working. Its much easier fixing them on the ground than when they are installed. Stay away from power lines and trees that touch power lines. And use a timer or turn your lights off when you go to bed at night.

Use the Correct Outlet Type

When plugging in Christmas lights always use a GFI circuit. This type of outlet will shut off electricity if there is over-current. You want shining lights, not sparks to fly! You can have an electrician install one if you don’t have one OR a plug in type can be purchased for about $20-$30.

Christmas Extension Cords

Don’t let electric cords become tripping hazards. Find places out of high foot traffic or right under a stair step to place the cord. Use outdoor rated cords and keep cords away from places that collect water or snow, and use electrical tape to wrap the connections to help prevent water getting into the plug.


Choose the Correct Outdoor Christmas Lights

There are many types of lights to choose from. Use waterproof or water-resistant lights that are marked underwriters lab (UL). This means the lights meet national industry standards with the American National Standards Institute. Make sure the lights you are using are made specifically for outdoor use. Do not use indoor Christmas lights outdoors.

Using C7 or C9 Bulbs

The traditional Christmas holiday lights are a C7 or C9 light. They are the cone-shaped lights that you can find in home improvement and general stores. The difference in these is size, the C9 being a little bigger and easier to see from a distance. Both come in clear or frosted bulbs and are great for illuminating both your house roofline and trees. Using LED will save you money in the long run on maintenance and electrical cost. They tend to last much long and draw much less current.

Animated-Christmas-Lights-Newsome-Sprinklers     Net-Christmas-Lights-Newsome-Systems

Net Lighting

When lighting shrubs or bushes, Net lighting can make the task a breeze. Net lighting is a mesh of interconnected mini LED lights that can drape right over your shrubs like a blanket. You don’t have to miles or strands of lights, instead cover the shrub with the net and they do plug in end to end.

Using Animated Lighting

From manger scenes to Rudolph, or Santa…you can get animated lights in all shapes and sizes. There are also blow up decorations that give your yard three dimensional views of the Christmas spirit and cheer. Shimmer spheres come in shaped as well circular formations, including snowballs, stars, icicles. They are made up of many sizes and shapes to add even more dimension to your Holiday décor. Some twinkle and shine keep your house the envy of the neighbors, and delight passerbys as they slow to see what a great job you did filling your yard with Holiday cheer and Christmas joy.

It’s Christmas Time!

Whatever you decide to do with your Christmas decorating, remember that this is the time for remembering the gift of Love that has been shared with all of us and to share that Gift with those around you. Your family, your neighbors and your friends. Stay safe and have fun.

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