Prepare Your Irrigation System for Winter Vacation


  • Reduce your watering schedule during the winter months
  • Freeze sensors can save your home sprinkler system
  • Winter vacation is the perfect time to schedule irrigation system maintenance

Going on a ski vacation this year?

Make sure your irrigation system is not creating a wintery wonderland while you’re gone. How can you be sure this isn’t going to happen? 

Freeze sensors can save your system

Make sure your system is turned off while you’re gone or have a freeze sensor installed on your system. Freeze sensors turn off your system once temperatures drop below 35 degrees. We can install a combo Rain/Freeze Sensor on your system for under $200.

Other ideas for protecting your sprinkler system

Other things to consider during the winter months

  • Cut back on your watering schedule.  Your landscape does not need nearly as much water as in summer. You would think that’s common sense, but many people don’t reduce their irrigation in the winter.
  • Use your system’s seasonal adjustment setting. It’s an easy way to turn down your whole system by a percentage. Setting it at 50-25% of summer usage is usually plenty. 
  • Your sewer bill is usually calculated based on winter usage. Keep watering to a minimum during the months of December through February.
  • Don’t completely turn off your system in the winter. Like parking an old car for five  months, older systems need to keep flowing to keep them working. Plus, have you ever smelled the water coming out of pipes when turned off for three months? Not pleasant.
  • If you do turn it off, run it at least every other week for 1 minute on each station.
  • Most importantly, call us to get your system checked during the off season. We have more time to go through the system thoroughly and get the bugs out.  And, you’ll get an off-season discount through the months of November thru February.

So go ahead, have some fun, enjoy the slopes and don’t worry about finding a bunny slope in your front yard when you get back!

Call us today at 210-490-7737 to get your off-season system check discount, running November 2020 through February 2021!

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