Watering Tips for the Texas Climate

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Watering Tips – Monitor your watering schedule at least monthly. I know its seems like a simple tip but its surprising how many people will set a controller and then let it run the same amount of time all year. Most modern controllers have a function called “seasonal adjustment” or “water budget”. This can be your best friend when it comes to changing a controller for the different seasons. You can increase and decrease a watering program by percentages of time.

This makes changing a controller for spring, summer, and fall very easy compared to going through each station and increasing or decreasing the amount of time on each on. This is also very important, as we have all seen those businesses and neighbors with sprinklers running while it’s raining, or at the height of a summer day.

Watering Tips – Pro-Tip: Water in the morning to give the grass roots and soil time to absorb the water before the heat evaporates it.

 – Paul Newsome

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